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Ultrafast transient absorption microscopy: Study of excited state dynamics in PtOEP [...]

Davydova, Darya; De la Cadena, Alejandro; Demmler, Stefan; Rothhardt, Jan; Limpert, Jens; Pascher, Torbjörn; Akimov, Denis; Dietzek, Benjamin
in: Chemical Physics 464, 69 (2016) [mehr]

Ultrafast imaging Raman spectroscopy of large-area samples without stepwise scanning

Schmälzlin, Elmar; Moralejo, Benito; Bodenmüller, Daniel; Darvin, Maxim E.; Thiede, Gisela; Roth, Martin M.
in: Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems 5, 261 (2016) [mehr]



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