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Jena Will Greet International Guests from Photochemistry and the Material Sciences

From September 26-28, 2016, scientists will be discussing trends in photochemistry and current aspects of combinatory and high-throughput material research at two conferences hosted by the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. more...


Leibniz President Visited IPHT

Prof. Matthias Kleiner, president of the Leibniz Association, caught up on current research projects and developments at the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT) on September 14, 2016. He focused particular attention on young researchers and academics at the Institute. [The PDF below contains the full German press release] more...


Leibniz Health Technologies: Reorientation of the Research Alliance Medical Technology

The Leibniz Research Alliance Medical Technology has undergone reorientation as “Leibniz Health Technologies.” At the “Megatrend Personalization” symposium held in Berlin on September 7, 2016, this research alliance introduced itself under its new name. [The PDF below contains the full German press release] more...

Selected papers

Nanodrawing of Aligned Single Carbon Nanotubes with a Nanopen

Yeshua, Talia; Lehmann, Christian; Hübner, Uwe; Azoubel, Suzanna; Magdassi, Shlomo; Campbell, Eleanor E. B.; Reich, Stephanie; Lewis, Aaron
in: Nano Letters 16, 1517 (2016) [more]

Octave-spanning supercontinuum generation in hybrid silver metaphosphate/silica step-index [...]

Chemnitz, Mario; Wei, Jingxuan; Jain, Chhavi; Rodrigues, Bruno. P.; Wieduwilt, Torsten; Kobelke, Jens; Wondraczek, Katrin; Schmidt, Markus A.
in: Optics Letters 41, 3519 (2016) [more]

Single particle analysis of herpes simplex virus: Comparing the dimensions of one and the [...]

Kämmer, Evelyn; Götz, Isabel; Bocklitz, Thomas W.; Stöckel, Stephan; Dellith, Andrea; Cialla-May, Dana; Weber, Karina; Zell, Roland; Dellith, Jan; Deckert, Volker; Popp, Jürgen
in: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 408, 10229 (2016) [more]



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