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IPHT is a New Partner in the Jena Family Alliance

The Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT) was accepted as a new partner in the Jena Family Alliance on November 24, 2015. Professor Gabriele Beibst, chairwoman of the board of trustees and director of the Ernst Abbe University, presented the certificate of acceptance as part of the “13th Forum Flexible?! – Rethinking the Work and Family Life Balance.” more...


Compact Systems for Medical Diagnostics

“Photonics in the Life Sciences” will be presenting its latest product developments in the field of health technologies at the Medica/Compamed in Düsseldorf from November 16-19, 2015. The main focus of the exhibit located in Hall 3/E91 is on point-of-care diagnostics and molecular imaging. more...


A Compact Microscope for Medical Diagnostics

As part of the project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), research scientists at IPHT have designed a compact Medicars microscope for rapid tissue diagnostics. more...

Selected papers

Atomic layer deposition precursor step repetition and surface plasma pretreatment [...]

Talkenberg, Florian; Illhardt, Stefan; Radnoczi, Gyorgy Z.; Pecz, Bela; Schmidl, Gabriele; Schleusener, Alexander; Mussabek, Gauhar; Dikhanbayev, Kadyrjan; Gudovskikh, Alexander; Sivakov, Vladimir
in: Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 33, 041101-1 (2015) [more]

Label-Free Imaging and Spectroscopic Analysis of Intracellular Bacterial Infections

Grosse, Christina; Bergner, Norbert; Dellith, Jan; Heller, Regine; Bauer, Michael; Mellmann, Alexander; Popp, Jürgen; Neugebauer, Ute
in: Analytical Chemistry 87, 2137 (2015) [more]

Ultrafast Intramolecular Relaxation and Wave-Packet Motion in a Ruthenium-Based [...]

Wächtler, Maria; Guthmuller, Julien; Kupfer, Stephan; Maiuri, Margherita; Brida, Daniele; Popp, Jürgen; Rau, Sven; Cerullo, Giulio; Dietzek, Benjamin
in: Chemistry-A European Journal 21, 7668 (2015) [more]



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